About Me

Yoga instructor and fully qualified Primary School Teacher 

I’m Lou Bedford, Yoga instructor and fully qualified Primary School Teacher, I have 3 children aged 12, 15 and 19, (one of whom is on the autistic spectrum.), which while being very rewarding can be challenging as I’m sure the rest of you parents out there understand.
I have always been very keen on being fit and active but found walking into the gym quite intimidating, seemingly surrounded by perfectly sculpted bodies performing high-intensity workouts with flawless ease. I also received a diagnosis of seronegative arthritis a few years ago which ruled out some of the more high impact exercises and made me re-assess my exercise regime.
Through my own experience and those of a lot of my family and friends I have found Yoga the perfect method for keeping me fit, active and flexible, and the concentration it brings is the perfect de-stress for a hectic lifestyle
I have been practicing Yoga for 12 years and teaching for 7. My main focus is Hatha Yoga, Hatha is derived from Sanskrit and is generally believed to have two meanings; Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon. This interpretation of the word emphasizes the balance that is the cornerstone of Yogic practice, a balance and harmony between what sometimes seem like opposite forces within us, the balance and unity of body and mind. The other definition of Hatha is “forceful” or “strong”, but don’t be misled by this interpretation, this refers more to the power of transformation that can be achieved through the practice of Hatha Yoga than the strength needed to practice.
My yoga classes focus on gentle movement and on the form of the pose to improve flexibility, posture and just as importantly concentrate the mind. This allows you build both body and mind together, helping you de-stress and build fitness.
Through my own life experiences and working life, I have developed a specialism in teaching yoga to beginners and those with disabilities and special needs. Our world is now moving at a very rapid pace, taking time to listen to your body is an important skill and can help well-being for both the body and mind.